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Top 5 Ads This Festive Season


It’s that time of the year again and as usual, some of your our favorite brands have rolled out their ad campaigns to usher in the festive season. Here’s my list of top 5 ads I have seen this season: 

Samsung : Giving Is a Gift 

I love this ad because it celebrates the art of giving, which is all the season is about. Wouldn’t it be nice for someone to find you awesome enough to gift you a Samsung Galaxy S8 though? Hehehe

BBC Creative : Supporting Act 

I love this ad because it tells such a touching story about the connection between a daughter and her father. Everyone loves a good story centered around a theme like this and BBC One did a great job linking this to the spirit of christmas.

Vodafone : Christmas Love Story 

At least now you know how to strategically position yourself to find Bae this season! For those who might not have caught it, Vodafone just shared a cool tip on ice breakers when you meet that person you think is the one. This should not be difficult for you if you are Nigerian though, data is definitely a good topic to strike a conversation; I totally love this ad!

Sainsbury : Every Bit Of Christmas

Think Christmas, think people; everyday people! That’s what I feel Sainsbury has been able to achieve with this ad and its quite refreshing. Nothing makes your day better than seeing real people like you singing along to a cheer-filled christmas song!

John Lewis : #MozTheMonster

I love the concept of this ad because it is so cute on so many levels. First, everyone definitely had thoughts of monsters under our beds as kids right? and what better way to fight your imaginary monsters than becoming friends with them? (I’m friends with the monster right under my bed, thanks Rihanna)wink

To see more ads from brand this season, click here.


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