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5 Tips For Better Social Media Marketing In 2018


Let me begin this post by wishing everyone an amazing 2018, may the new year be a better one for you than the previous one. Let’s talk Social Media Marketing strategies for 2018!

Now that the holidays are over, how much consideration have you put into your social media marketing campaigns for the year? Do you even have any plans for your marketing strategy in 2018, and if yes, how much of your plan aligns with evolving trends in digital marketing? Read further to see useful tips for setting the best goals for your social media campaigns this year.


1 Video Marketing is Key

In an earlier post, I had shared tips on how to use video marketing to maximize engagement on your social branding campaigns in 2018, if you missed that post, you can read it here. Video marketing should be an integral part of your marketing plan this year, as users engage more with video content these days.
According to statistics available on consumer barometer, more users view online videos on the smartphones, and it only makes sense for your brand to key into this trend.

2 Measure Your Activity

For small business owners, it is important to ensure that you measure your activity online, just so you know what strategy works, and what does not work. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google have made it super easy for brands to measure their analytics online and within their apps, and so you should too.

On Facebook, you should download the Facebook Pages Manager, this app helps you manage your page on the go, and it also helps you see real-time analytics on your page. On Twitter, you can make use of the Analytics feature to measure your brand’s online activity. I will share a post soon on tracking your website’s activity as well as tracking app activity, for those who have apps and websites.

3 Conduct Periodic Polls

2018 is the year when brands should focus on finding out what their customers want. Considering the deluge of information online, and the endless amount of content that consumers have to sift through daily on the internet, the best way to keep your audience engaged is to ask them what they want.

Be creative and ensure that you pay attention to what your consumers want to see more from your brand, and this would help you tailor your campaigns to get the best return on investment. If you are considering launching a new product this year, now is the best time to conduct polls that would prepare your consumers for what’s coming, of course without giving away too much!

4 Be Visually Appealing

You have awesome content you’d like to share with your fans and consumers, that’s awesome and all, but just how visually appealing is your marketing campaign? 2018 is the year to pay special attention to visuals and creatives you use for your campaigns.

Avoid appearing too bland, make use of a healthy combination of colors that represent your brand in your creatives. You can get the services of a good graphic designer and motion graphics designer to bring your ideas to life. If you need one, send me a mail here.

5 Invest in Your Brand Online

It is common for a lot of small brands to solely rely on existing relationships as an avenue to market their brands online. While that is awesome and all, 2018 is the year you should set some funds aside for online marketing.
Even if it is as little as $50 a month, it will go a long way in putting your brand out there and create more awareness for your brand online. You can also look into collaborating with online influencers who are relevant to your brand so as not to stay isolated this year.

For more information on how to prepare a winning social media marketing campaign for the year, you can hit me up personally on oyinkan.ewumi@gmail.com

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