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How to Effectively Market Your YouTube Channel on Social Media


So you have decided to become a YouTube Vlogger Creator, and you are so engrossed with producing all your awesome videos for your channel. You have a few creative ideas on what your channel would be about, but you still have not figured out how to get people to visit your channel. Here’s a few things you need to do to effectively market your YouTube channel through Social Media.

Sync Your Channel

Okay, so your channel is all set up and you have made a few videos; you have posted a few videos and no one seems to be watching them. The first thing you need to do is link all your social media accounts to your channel. (And if you don’t have social media accounts, you need to create them!) Currently, you can only link your channel to your Twitter and Google+ accounts.

Once you have linked your accounts to your channel, your videos will automatically be posted to your connected channels once you update your channel. Make sure to add a link to your YouTube channel to your social media bios/descriptions.

Produce Videos for Social Media

It is important for you to create shorter versions of your videos that you produce for your channel, these videos should be used on your social media pages.

The idea is to drive traffic from your social media pages to your channel, and so, creating an exciting teaser clip will encourage fans to visit your YouTube channel.

Your videos for social media should contain just enough content from your original video to excite your audience enough for them to want to see more.

Be Creative with Your Art

Design cool images that express the message from your videos on your YouTube channel; you can use these images to market your content across your social media platforms on days when you do not have the time to prepare a 1min video.

Create Topics Around Your Channel for Social Media

So let’s say you have a YouTube channel where you talk about make-up trends or shopping, or whatever. You can look into creating engaging topics related to the content you post to your YouTube channel. Ask questions, and prompt your users to visit your channel to watch your videos.

This helps a lot for those who want to transition from microblogging to vlogging. It’s also a great way to create an online community of people dedicated to your content.

Invest in Social Media Ads

I love to encourage brands to invest in social media ads, especially when trying to market video content. It’s cool to market within your inner circle, but then it would help you a great deal if you invest in periodic social media ads.

Consider creating a tiny budget for Facebook & Instagram ads for your channel and you are well on your way to getting that audience you really need. Remember to keep your content fresh and creative.

Facebook Groups Are LIT!

Yea, I know it’s probably been ages since you accessed your Facebook account, but trust me, Facebook groups are an absolute win for creators who want to create a dedicated community of fans for their channel.

First off, create and nurture your Facebook page which will serve as a starting point for your group. Now you need to be as engaging as you can be when putting out your content; ensure to add all your friends and encourage them to add their friends too. You also should consider investing in ads to push your content to more people outside your network.

If your content is engaging enough, you could grow from 0 followers and fans to at least 100 in a week, and more as time goes on.

Building a following for your YouTube channel on Social Media is hard work, but if you work hard enough, you’ll get the results you desire.

Happy Creating!

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