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4 Nigerian Designers Who Are Totally Slaying #36DaysOfType


First off, for those who do not know, I am a sucker for TypeFonts, I am so particular about fonts and the beauty that they add to images and videos alike. Having said that, check out these 4 super talented Nigerian designers who are absolutely slaying #36DaysOfType on Instagram! 

#36DaysOfType is a project that generally invites graphic artists, designers and illustrators alike to express their artistic takes on letters of the alphabet. For 36 days, participants are challenged to design a letter using different perspectives.

If you are a lover of typography and artistic expression, you will definitely love the #36DaysOfType project and you should definitely check out these Nigerian designers take on the alphabet!







Niyi Okeowo

Want to find out more about the type trend? Click HERE.


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