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#BBNaija’s Cee-C and The Downside Of Digital Popularity


Big Brother Nigeria might be officially over, but one name that just would not go away quickly is that of #BBNaija’s Cee-C, the girl everyone loves to hate at the moment, the one whose online footprint is now synonymous with being a bitter Nigerian woman.

While I am not really a fan of Big Brother Nigeria as a show, I have been quite fascinated by the cult following that the show has amassed over time. With this year’s edition being the 3rd installment of the show, the social buzz has tripled and probably even surpassed the expectations of the organizers.

With users expressing their thoughts on the show in realtime, the show quickly became one of the most watched (or followed) show on Nigerian television, while many other viewers (viewers like me), followed the show on social media.

From the final weeks of the show, it became clear who the strongest contenders were, and for those reading this who do not know, the theme for this year’s edition was ‘Double Wahala’, with the total price money set at 45Million Naira.  It was therefore only fitting that the last housemates standing would bring on as much “wahala” as expected. I mean, the main purpose of the show was entertainment right?

Cee-C, whose real name is Cynthia Nwadiora, was one of the finalists on the show, and I noticed that throughout the show, she was always throwing one tantrum or the other. She would get into fights with other housemates, cussing out whoever crossed her in any way, and there was even one time she took digs at the organizers. The one incident that might have broke the camel’s back was her meltdown with fellow housemate, Tobi Bakare. Using every invective you could ever imagine, Cee-C set herself on the path to becoming the most vilified woman on the internet (at least in Nigeria, the Kenyans and South Africans love her!), and thus influenced the thought that has made me create this post.

Cee-C was constantly having issues with other housemates

The world is highly digital, and we are all exposed to the thoughts and ideas of others who are far and near, and this can be a very dangerous thing in itself. From Twitter, to Facebook, and Instagram, these platforms have been used by bullies and trolls to wreck havoc on celebrities and ordinary people alike, and as you can guess, Cee-C has not been an exception. While I am in no way going to justify Cee-C’s actions in the big brother house, it is quite crazy to see the effects of online activities on real life. There have been reports that Cee-C had been getting all sorts of threats, from threats of bodily harm on her person, to all sorts of insults hurled at her by complete strangers. Cee-C might have gained a lot of fans while in the BBnaija house, but she also gained herself a lot of enemies too, and this is very worrisome.


The search query “bitter nigerian woman” shows Cee-C in top searches
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Cee-C’s new found digital popularity is definitely a cash cow for any brand that chooses to align itself with her, however, the precedence she has set for her digital footprint might leave a bad taste in her mouth in the long run. At the moment, the search query “bitter Nigerian woman” will immediately show you images of Cee-C, a trend that is definitely going to remain that way for a while.

Knowing how SEO works, coupled with keywords, her new found tag will not be going away any time soon, as Nigerian internet users appear not to be ready to let it go. Cee-C would have to get a highly efficient team of SEO experts who will help her ensure that her image is not permanently synonymous with bitterness.



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