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Adekunle Gold : Nigeria’s King of Digital Music Marketing


There is something profoundly beautiful about the way Adekunle Gold presents himself on social media, it is something I have keenly observed for months on end, and I think it is now time to write about it. Adekunle Gold is undoubtably Nigeria’s King of Digital Music Marketing, and I am here to tell you why. 

Way before the release of Sade, the single that brought him to limelight, Adekunle Gold had been quite famous on the internet for his exploits with the use of photoshop. He would famously create images of himself with hollywood superstars and he quickly gained prominence for his stunts with photoshop. Whenever I think of how proficient he was (and still is) with the software, it makes perfect sense to me why he has now become so good at marketing his brand through aesthetically pleasing imagery.

Adekunle Gold gained prominence for his use of photoshop

My very first encounter with Adekunle Gold was in 2015 at the NdaniTV studio where he was invited to perform an acoustic version of his single, Sade. Listening to him sing with such vocal prowess obviously increased my interest in him as an artiste ( I am a sucker for really good music), and I decided to follow him on social media.

As someone who has keenly followed Adekunle Gold’s digital evolution as an artiste, I can boldly say that he has truly come of age and is setting a very high standard for digital music marketing in Nigeria.

Here are 3 striking reasons why I think Adekunle Gold is indeed the undisputed king of digital music marketing in Nigeria:

He Connects With His Fans 

Whether it is on Instagram or on Twitter, the first thing you notice about Adekunle Gold’s online presence is the way he connects with his fans. You can readily tell that he listens to his fans and takes their criticism of his art into consideration. He is also never hesitant to politely engage naysayers, and this makes him particularly interesting to follow on social media. If more artistes engaged with their fans the way Adekunle Gold does, they would totally convert more internet users into unique listeners of their music.


He is a Fashion Icon 

On some days I see Adekunle Gold’s posts  on and wonder, “How can someone be such a genius”? A cursory look at Adekunle Gold’s Instagram feed would make you think you are looking at the page of an Instagram Model (haha!). He has the most fashionable posts with avant-garde looks that you typically would not see on a Nigerian artiste. As a content creator and curator, I think his use of fashion is a way to reach a new audience and I am here for it! I mean, it’s like saying yea, I am an artiste, I sing amazing songs, and I also look really good, listen to my music!.

Adekunle Gold

His Visuals are Phenomenal

Since he teamed up with the 79th Element and formed his own band, Adekunle Gold has literally been untouchable on digital. His visuals became more powerful and well designed, and considering his usage of bright colors and exciting imagery, you could already tell that he has now evolved into a fully rounded artiste. I might be having a fangirl moment as I write this, (I mean I just signed up for his About 30 Album), but I strongly believe that Adekunle Gold has indeed changed the face of digital music marketing in Nigeria. His About 30 website is the most beautiful website I have ever seen from a Nigerian artiste, and I can only imagine how beautiful the music would be when it drops!

Finally, as a Nigerian artiste, the essence of creating what i’d like to call a “digital image” for your brand is to introduce your fans to aspects of you that would lead them to fall in love with your craft. While I am not exactly shitting on other Nigerian artistes, I think a lot of them would do well to emulate Adekunle Gold’s style of digital music marketing as we are in an era of digital, and creating a wholesome brand online would go a long way to getting them the fanbase they truly need to push their art forward.

Adekunle Gold has announced that he would be dropping a new album soon
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