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How TaxifyNG is Encouraging Nigerians to Get Their PVC


I just love it when brands do more than just sell their products and services to prospective customers, and it is always amazing to see brands effect change in their own little way by using digital. TaxifyNG is not left out, in preparation for the coming elections in Nigeria, the luxury car pooling service is helping Nigerians to get involved in the upcoming elections in the most innovative way and I am here for it!. Read more to find out how TaxifyNG is encouraging Nigerians to get to their PVC centers 

The upcoming elections in Nigeria will indeed be a decisive event for the people and it is only right that each and every Nigerian is called to participate fully by fulfilling the necessary obligations, and so it is great to see TaxifyNG doing more to raise awareness and also drive more people towards making the decision to get involved.
TaxifyNG calls on Nigerians to take responsibility and vote

In preparation for Democracy Day in Nigeria which falls on May 29th, the company sent out emails to their customers with a message to prompt them to take advantage of the holiday to get registered, here’s an excerpt from the email:

“Be more than just a passenger, get your Permanent Voters Card
Voting is a right and a responsibility, we want to make sure you’re able to exercise it.

As we prepare to celebrate Democracy day, Taxify is asking you to make a pledge to get your PVC.

This is why Taxify will be helping you locate your PVC station and making sure that you get there seamlessly with just a tap of a button.”

The email goes on to explain how to find the nearest PVC center to you and its pretty simple:
  • – Visit to find the closest PVC center to you
    – Take the pledge to complete the journey by uploading a selfie to the image generator
    – Download the image and share your pledge on Instagram (Remember to follow and use the hashtag #MyPVCJourney)
    – You’ll receive an email with a code giving you ₦1500 off your ride to the PVC center closest to you
    – Request a ride and go get your PVC.

You can easily tell that while the ride sharing service is making a case for political participation, it is also – by urging you to ride to the PVC locations using the app – ensuring that users employ their services; great move right?. TaxifyNG is also teaming up with a number of Nigerian celebrities to drive home their message, and participation in their PVC challenge – esque campaign on Instagram could get you a month’s worth of Taxify rides as well as a ride with one of the celebrities, including music producer, Cobhams Asuquo and some of the housemates of the Big Brother Nigeria fame.

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  • Users can locate the nearest PVC centers using TaxifyNG

Taking a cue from the Taxify team, the best way to ensure that your brand remains relevant is by plugging into important aspects of community development, which is why a number of brands have CSR initiatives. Initiatives such as the PVC registration drive initiated by TaxifyNG help to improve brand perception and influence brand consideration as well. Considering the many travails of the Taxify brand in Nigeria, its safe to say that the PVC drive is a step in the right direction for the brand that will do a lot to improve perception of the brand online.

Get started now, join the campaign and locate your PVC HERE 


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