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IGTV: 5 Things Nigerian Creators Need To Know


Remember when I said it is the year of Video? If you didn’t read that post, you should check it out HERE. It is the year of video and the team at Instagram is not playing!, I have taken time out to download the app and study it properly, and I have decided to share 5 creative ways I think Nigerian creators can make use of IGTV, Instagram’s long form video feature.

Yes, we love video, and yes, it is really an exciting thing to be able to create longer videos for Instagram, but there is a slight snag, you need to be creative about how you choose to use this new feature!

I could definitely feel the excitement from Nigerian users on Instagram, with many YouTube Creators expressing excitement about the new feature, and how it could take over as the preferred platform for creators of video content.

However, I would like to advise creators to slow down on the excitement, as at the moment only YouTube offers the best deal for content creators, or vloggers as they are called. Instagram TV has not made any announcements about monetization, so you might want to keep doing what you do on YouTube.

It is really an exciting thing to be able to create longer videos for Instagram

Back to the main reason behind this post, I took a good look at the IGTV app, and I came up with 5 creative ways I feel Nigerian creators could use the app and get the maximum return on usage (ROU is a term I just coined…haha!), lets get right to it.

Extend Your Stories

My take on the IGTV interface is that it is an extension of the Instagram stories feature, the only difference being that you cannot add filters or fancy text to your videos…yet. So think of your IGTV as a story board where you can extend the life of your brand.

Beautifully shot videos would do you more good, and don’t forget that the best videos on the platform look better when they are shot vertically, try to do the best you can to work with the specifications.

Script Your Content

Nigerian creators, please fight the urge to use your IGTV like we all used Keek back in the day. Treat your IGTV like a proper production and go the extra mile to optimize your content for the platform while entertaining your audience. Write a proper script for all content you want to put on the platform and make sure you have an engaging storyline while at it.

Remember, you now have a chance to hold your audience’s attention for longer than you were used to, make it count.

Get a Graphic Artist or Become One!

This is perhaps the most important part of joining the long form video craze. Its super tempting to simply join the crowd and post videos as you make them, but you really should consider adding animated text to your videos.

These make for better engagement as more users watch videos with the audio turned off, and you don’t want to bore your audience before they even get to watch your videos. If you do not have a graphic artist as a friend, you should consider picking up a few skills in graphic design and motions graphic.

Don’t know where to start? Watch tutorials on YouTube (the irony! haha).

Understand Your Audience 

Yea, you watched the super cool foreign videos on IGTV and you would like to replicate that kind of content because its so cool and you can do all that, but you really shouldn’t. Identify your audience (which will predominantly be Nigerian at first), and then create content that suits your audience. Doing this will help you grow a healthy fanbase and would get you organic fans who would then direct more followers to your IG channel.

Track your insights right under the post, – just like you do with your Instagram stories – just to know what sort of content works and what doesn’t.

Captions Please! 

I cannot stress this enough, if you have been a YouTube creator before now, or have at least created video content for Facebook, you would know by now that more users are likely to watch your video till the very end if you make use of captions. Captions also make it easy for users who speak other languages asides English to be able to interact with your content, so the more you use captions, the greater engagement you get.

Finally, you need to ensure you encourage interaction on your IGTV channel the same way you would if you were on your YouTube channel. Acknowledging comments by users is a great way to engage and retain their attention. Avoid getting too serious, and at the same time, avoid getting too carried away with the mundane idea if filming yourself just for bants sake.

Want to know more about IGTV? Click HERE.

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