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Instagram’s Questions Feature is the Engagement Tool Your Business Needs


Instagram has launched a new feature that lets users ask you questions in real time on Instagram stories and this is definitely good news for every small business owner. Continue reading to see how Instagram’s question feature is the engagement tool your business needs!.

Instagram has definitely been the most dynamic app for small business owners to share products and services, as well as share content online. No matter what kind of business you are into, the app has features that have helped small business (and big business) thrive.

The questions feature is therefore a very welcome development, especially for small business owners who value real time feed back from their customers.

The questions feature will increase engagement for your business

Small business owners can use the questions feature to find out how their customers really feel about their products and services. It provides a much more personalized experience with your customer,  – or prospective customer – and this could improve your engagement online and also influence offline consideration of your services. Think of the questions feature as your very own chat bot, except you have the ease of responding to enquiries at your fingertips.

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The questions feature would come in handy for your small business if you use it properly, so always ensure that you use the feature in line with best practices, and you would definitely notice a growth in engagement for your brand.


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